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Do you want to experience one of nature's most dazzling wonders, but you don't have the camping equipment or knowledge?  Here's a chance for you and your family of 4 (or 3 of your close friends) to join one of the two Glow and Know Campouts. You will participate in the Glow & Know activities learn about the habitats and fireflies in the area, and observe the amazing firefly mating displays and spend the night in the comfort of a Safari-style tent.

Enter the free-lottery starting January 1, 2024 for a Safari Tent Rental on either Saturday, June 22 or Tuesday, June 25.  The $600 rental includes your Glow & Know registration (including meals/snacks) and the assembled tent, a pop-up awning, 4 camping cots, camp chairs, and table.  All you will need to bring is your bedroll, pillow and personal items.  Water, port-a-john and garbage disposal are supplied. You and your party will be included in the Glow & Know programs, guided tours and meals.  

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