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The 11th Annual
PA Firefly Festival & Events 

Registration News and Information

The 2023 Lottery entry period is now CLOSED.  We had over 1500 applications.  Thank you to everyone who entered.  Congratulations to those whose names have been selected for the 130 available spots at the 2023 PA Firefly Events. 

If your name has been chosen to attend an event you selected, you will be notified by email on Sunday, April 2.  You will receive a link and a code to the ticketing website, so you can register for the event of your choice within 48 hours of that notification.  Only adults need to be registered for the events.  Children 5 to 11 years old are FREE and do not need to be registered.  These events are not intended for children under 5-yo.  If you choose to not register for an event you entered or miss the deadline (April 4, 2023), your space will open to the next person in the queue.  So if you aren't notified on Sunday, you may still be in the queue.  Those notified after April 4, or subsequent dates, will also have 48 hours in which to register, and the queue will remain active until all spaces have been claimed.  We will then announce when all the spots have been claimed.

Stay tuned for announcements about other Private Firefly Tour opportunities and the "Glamping Raffle".  These will be announced once the registration for the events has concluded.


Thank you again to all who entered.  We sincerely believe a “lottery” system for registration is the fairest and most equitable solution.  It is PAFF’s mission to educate the public about the fireflies of Pennsylvania in order to protect and preserve the fireflies for future generations.  So, we hope you will appreciate this effort as we strive to provide the most responsible and sustainable firefly tourism programs.

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