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The New Normal

The 9th Annual PA Firefly Festival and Glow & Know Campouts

Images from the 2021 PAFF events

Art After Dark: 1/3
Art After Dark: 2/3
Art After Dark: 3/3
Caitlin and Jeff
Nature Exhibits
Secret Lives of Fireflies
Parking 2021
Saturday's gathering
Grant to Bucknell
Texas Belles
Ben and Dagney
Kara & Caitlin
Sam, Matt, Louise and Jeff
Press Coverage
Jane & Will
Pennsylvania's Troubadour
Registration table
PAFF President
Kellettville Campground Pavilion
The "Masked Defender!"
Firefly pupa
The Firefly Watch presentation
"You should've been here last night!"
Don Salvatore
Dutiful Dad
Peace and quiet
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